Yoga at Alex Beach Pose

Winter ❄️

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What do I think of when Winter Hits💨, cool winds and a chill in the air.
I want cosiness , I want warm soups and a little more heat or spice to my yoga practice 🔥

I always say life requires a little more effort in Winter.
We have to wear more clothes, so it takes longer to get ready.
More cooked foods , so it takes longer to prepare our meals.
Less hours in the day to get our daily dose of vitamin D from the suns energy.
But !! …… here in Queensland, Winter means the most beautiful coloured sunrises and sunsets.
Chrisp air produces clear colourful skies and good clean swell in the ocean 🏄.
My yoga practice helps keep my body moving even in the coolest of days and for that I am most grateful 🧡


Don’t forget Yourself💗

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Giving your Time and Energy to others is a wonderful thing! But we should replenish our stores by giving back to ourselves. How do we do this you ask🤷‍♀️

Grounding Yoga and Breath is a great combination.
Holding in half bridge lock your Bandhas ( both Jalandhara and Mula . )and Breathe your Ujjayi Breath.
This will increase the energy along the spine and pelvis.
Then rest and visualise Peace washing over you as you Breathe slow and with a long exhale.

Peace and Love 🧡

Spring is my favourite time of year 🌿

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When we look at Nature, we notice Spring 🌼 is a time where colour starts to pop around our garden. Flowers and New foliage burst forth, giving humans a feeling of freshness and vitality. We emerge from Winters coziness to lighter and longer days giving an increased energy to move to your own groove.
In my opinion , what lightens your step or resets your body and mind for each day is making time to watch as many sunrises and sunsets as you can. Nature provides these reminders each day that we need to restore and reset each day. Always remember as humans we need to let go of a days energy to feel the energy of a new day. Follow Springs examples and find a moment each day to reset and this last quarter of 2023 will allow you to remain Spring fresh and Groovy !!!

Winter – June 2023

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Winter is not really a time to grow food but I had a yearning to grow some ginger and turmeric 🫚🍃.
They like sun ☀️ just like us and what is more glorious than the Winter Sun in Queensland.
Im turning 60 this year, and I need even more ginger and turmeric, to heat and soothe my aging body.
My yoga practice is needing some heat too, helping to keep the blood flowing.
Maybe this is not only a remedy for 60 year old me but for everyone in Winter.
Go with your Intuition, go with your gut, bring in the everyday nourishment that your body and mind yearn for. After all it’s YOUR life journey make it a good one , you certainly deserve it. 🌻🌻

Crescent Moon 🌙 May 2023

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The crescent Moon 🌙 always reminds me to look to the world with fresh eyes. Don’t let your mind replace new experiences with stale old memories that can sometimes distort and ruin a present gift of being beautiful affected by the moment right Now!!🙌🏾🌱🌙

April Here We Come🤸‍♂️

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Easter has rolled around and I want to wish everyone a happy time.
Easter is not really a holiday time for most of us but it certainly brings back happy memories when I was a child or when my girls were little😊.
These days Easter is just another long weekend and I get to choose how I would like to spend it💜

I am lucky enough to live near the sea, so an early surf or a beach run with my doggo are often my choice to start my day. So that’s where you will find me through Easter, What will you be doing for pleasure??

Let’s Hope April /Easter brings some time to do something you love💗