Yoga at Alex Beach Pose

General Classes: Yoga At Alex General Classes are easy to follow and open to anyone wanting to experience the release yoga gives the body and mind.

We do the class together, overlooking the beautiful landscape of the Sunshine Coast. We begin each class with breath work to open a flow of energy, before moving into a series of floor stretches, standing poses, returning to the floor at the end of the class for some deeper stretches and an inversion of some kind— depending on how your body feels on the day. You will be encouraged with words, but it will be your journey. We finish with relaxation, ensuring you walk away happy, calm and centred.

Please bring a towel & water bottle with you – Mats are provided at no extra cost.

Private Classes: Stepping into a private class, the focus is entirely on you. Set amongst the quiet nature of Alexandra Headland- your instructor will gently guide you through the session. You will be taught what you are doing with each movement and how best to nourish and enrich yourself, capturing the essence of yoga. The aim is to open a window within and feel the breeze of life rush in!

Students have commented on changes, both physically and mentally after just one of these sessions. It really is amazing what working with the intelligence of the muscular and nerve pathways can do for the human form.

*Not open on public holidays.

Monday Tuesday Thursday Private
9:15 AM1 hour
9:15 AM1 hour
Contact to Schedule2 hours
N/AClosed Today
6 PM1 hour
Single Class
1 hour session
Private Class
One on one
6 Class Pass
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10 Class Pass
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20 Class Pass
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30 Class Pass
Save $270
Payment can be made by bank transfer / cash or credit card
Payable to: SUNCORP BSB 484-799/ACCOUNT 201 627 871
Please note: Passes expire after 12 months.