Yoga at Alex Beach Pose

After 19 years of nursing, Catherine immersed herself in the study of yoga, taking a particular interest in encouraging the body and mind to heal, teaching the tools that yoga has to offer.

During her classes, Catherine takes the time to travel through the body and mind dedicating a different section of the class to each part of the body. Students are encouraged to reconnect with their breath- the breath being a very sophisticated healing tool, vital to good health, eternal happiness and contentment. Catherine aims for each class to empower her students, retrieving a passion and excitement for life in the process.

Her knowledge of the body and her own personal yoga journey makes her a passionate teacher, with a down to earth, calming nature. What makes Catherine’s classes unique, is the balance she is able to create between the spiritual journey of yoga, general fitness / weight loss and release of worries and stresses we take on in our everyday lives.