Yoga at Alex Beach Pose

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The mornings are slow to lighten and the evenings,  dark veil comes so quickly.

Winter is upon us , it’s harder to stay Motivated even for the most motivated people it is hard.

Yoga is not designed for the weight loss or fitness , but it will help the mind and body to stay Motivated  to stay healthy and happy .

Human Bodies are designed to move, our blood must pump, our heart rates should be elevated we need to puff , this invigorates our systems helping to get rid of stubborn toxins in our tissues as well as sending endorphins through us to make us happy , calm and the best version of ourselves .

So don’t skip your yoga class for the warmth of the couch in your lounge room, because the yoga class is the trigger to the whole cycle of wellness.

Strike a pose, it’s all part of a very ancient remedy to reduce disease and empower the mind.

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