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April Here We Come🤸‍♂️

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Easter has rolled around and I want to wish everyone a happy time.
Easter is not really a holiday time for most of us but it certainly brings back happy memories when I was a child or when my girls were little😊.
These days Easter is just another long weekend and I get to choose how I would like to spend it💜

I am lucky enough to live near the sea, so an early surf or a beach run with my doggo are often my choice to start my day. So that’s where you will find me through Easter, What will you be doing for pleasure??

Let’s Hope April /Easter brings some time to do something you love💗

Happy New Year 💫

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Yoga Classes Resume January 17th for 2023.
Let’s make it a great year, adopt yoga to help you bring simplicity back into your life. Let yoga guide and inspire you to have the life that is perfect for you. 🫶

Summer 🌺

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Summer is here and the last couple of months of 2022 so keep keen and grounded by practicing your yoga 🧘‍♀️ Breathe deeper , Breathe slower , practice an open heart yoga and be grateful for natures beauty. 🌹

May 2O22

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As we cruise through the month of May 2O22 , we must reflect and stay grounded in our beliefs. In Queensland we have certainly had our share of rain, cyclones and unusual weather. This fills us with a bit of uncertainty and sadness for lots of people who lost their loved ones and homes. Its hard to have trust in the universe when we are presented with this picture but whatever the universe sends our way ,staying present in the moment always settles our ever fluctuating mind and emotions. Yoga and meditation is needed more than ever and if anything this is very evident here in the month of May , it is obvious that simplicity will help us cope with uncertainty and pain. So we must reflect ,breathe and practice yoga with a present mind, and we will fine peace

Reach for what you need but if its contentment you seek, you already have this, just look inside yourself and you shall see.

Have An Excellent Easter

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/Easter /Surf /Ocean /Energy/ Weekends/ Yoga/ Meditation/Family

Having family around for Easter is the best, so glide into your Easter Weekend with smiles and gratitude.

Autumn is full of Colour , feel the love of the Universe in all its glory.

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Always remember where your mind goes, your energy flows . Try to focus your mind on the beauty of the world. Or using touch to bring your mind back to the body and the NOW! touching your hand to your heart and feeling the beat and warmth can ground you and draw your mind into your control.



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Its the time of Year for new growth, warm sunny days and smiley faces, we should be amazed at Natures burst of energy and feel the fresh vibe. So get rid of those winter layers and feel free to show the world the amazing YOU!