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If you are a product of todays society, then you probably take good care of yourself. Drink the correct amount of water, eat clean, healthy food and organic food when possible. You probably spend the same amount of time exercising everyday as well as trying to get 8 hours of sleep every night.

If you are addicted to being healthy this can be an added stress, if at the end of each day you feel guilty because you have missed out on something from your routine because there was not enough hours in the day , it could be doing you more harm than good.

The body does like predictability, but instead of making your whole day a routine, my answer is keep the important things as the everyday routine  like mostly 8 hours sleep, definitely drink enough water but when it comes to the same exercise daily here is where you can mix it up.

Use accidental exercise if you know you have something on after work , like walking to work or use the stairs all day. Stand up regularly if you have a desk job and stretch while breathing deeply.

Make sure you slot in a few things that you enjoy during the working week so you look forward to each day and make them simple things which don’t cost a lot and won’t harm your health.

Treat yourself to little things like a glass of wine on the weekends, read your favourite magazine in the supermarket for free. Spend at least 10mins when you get out of bed on your yoga mat, this will start your day positively, if you can spare more time sometimes, do yoga for longer. Swim in the ocean make time to be alone and enjoy your own company.

Be a little bit flexible and add variety to your week, you will find life a lot less serious and more to laugh about.

Laughter is probably the best medicine  for you, and if your routine varies you will be a whole lot more relaxed about it and be more spontaneous and creative. Good luck with these changes and enjoy you because there is no one like you.





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