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As we progress through the 2018, breathe slowly.

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Gosh! we are nearly at the end of February, 2018 is proving to be moving at a rapid pace, with the humidity and rain curling even the straightest hair.

We are challenged daily with external factors, whether it be uncomfortable heat or steamity as I like to call it, or maybe the constant fear tactics from the media and the government.

Its hard not to be effected and a little exhausted by it.

The message I would like to put out there is just do your best and expect that standard to change daily.

We are different everyday and a little time each morning to check in with you will help you understand yourself.

Stop!! breathe slowly and from your belly.

Close your eyes and breathe in happiness to your heart then breathe out tension and negativity.

Exercise daily alternate yoga and some other form of activity.

Eat healthy food made with your hands.

Sleep for at least 7 hours.

Try to cut out using plastic and feel like you are helping our creatures of the world, this will bring goodness back to you.

We will chat again in March stay on track and love the you that YOU are.

Never underestimate Your body!

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I want to tell you a brief story, about your body and yoga.  I am always amazed how yoga can heal the body and that shift of physical  response eliminates  such tension mentally.

After  meeting a gentleman in his 70s who had worked all his life, in a busy industry, where it was crucial to always be one step ahead of plans prompted me to write his story.

On his first visit to me for his private yoga session he seems willing to learn but it was hard for him to relax, even as we spoke he shifted his weight from one foot to the other and he couldn’t wait to get out of the place when he finished.

He had some tension in his spine, mostly postural and learnt habits physically, his brain was wired to be switched on at all times even though he is retired now.

I have been seeing this gentleman fortnightly, so roughly about 5 times now.

He goes home and  practices what we do each fortnight, then returns, the  physical changes are  amazing he is a lot more relaxed and he has a lot more movement when swimming and with life in general.

I am proud of his dedication to his practice and his attitude, which is this …there is no quick fix to a well body and mind .

I agree with him full heartedly, we must nurture ourselves daily, yoga is the key to learning how to do this.

Set your standards to what your  personally is like. Make your practice suit you, some days you might feel 10mins is all you can manage, then do only 10 minutes.

Each day you will feel different so adjust your practice to suit this. Choose a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia ,to help you.

Start to feel free , live to control what you can and lose the  focus on what you can’t control.

Ultimately control your wellbeing and happiness will come.