Yoga at Alex Beach Pose

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The sunset drenches the world in amazing colours, the birds grow unusually quiet, it is the time to silence the mind. 

I balance myself on two stools overlooking a tiny valley, the sun is my goddess her beauty is mercerising.

I move my body into the ancient  yoga pose called Trikonasana , I can feel the last rays of sun pierce my open heart, I am filled with gratitude and feel an enormous freedom travel through my spirit.

I make peace with myself, ” I may make mistakes and I am not perfect “, but my intentions are always geniune to do the best I can and treat people they way I would like to be treated.

Within a few precious seconds the greatness of the sun seems ,almost  like it breaks through my physical form to release a feeling of lightness and self forgiveness.

As the last light is absorbed by the earthy hills, a smile grows in my heart and I am at peace ready to shine with the morning sun to be fresh with the first light to be enthusiastic with a new day! The sun is my healer!



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