Yoga at Alex Beach Pose

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The year is flying, as we roll to the end of August, I feel the need to reset and remind myself to step out of time zone and into my own being. I need to sit , breath , place a hand on my heart, and relax the thinking brain. Let myself feel my own breath ,feel the very core that is me.

My thinking Brain will pressure me to fit in with a fast pace that our society so worships but I stop , reset and come back to my own being and I will give my body time to breathe, time to feel and stress will not own me.
Happiness is obtainable as the universe will accept me just as I am.
As a human I must feel alive , I must feel free or I will die a little inside each moment I am not true to that survival instinct. ❤️

Make peace with your mind!

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The sunset drenches the world in amazing colours, the birds grow unusually quiet, it is the time to silence the mind. 

I balance myself on two stools overlooking a tiny valley, the sun is my goddess her beauty is mercerising.

I move my body into the ancient  yoga pose called Trikonasana , I can feel the last rays of sun pierce my open heart, I am filled with gratitude and feel an enormous freedom travel through my spirit.

I make peace with myself, ” I may make mistakes and I am not perfect “, but my intentions are always geniune to do the best I can and treat people they way I would like to be treated.

Within a few precious seconds the greatness of the sun seems ,almost  like it breaks through my physical form to release a feeling of lightness and self forgiveness.

As the last light is absorbed by the earthy hills, a smile grows in my heart and I am at peace ready to shine with the morning sun to be fresh with the first light to be enthusiastic with a new day! The sun is my healer!