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Happy New Year đź’«

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Yoga Classes Resume January 17th for 2023.
Let’s make it a great year, adopt yoga to help you bring simplicity back into your life. Let yoga guide and inspire you to have the life that is perfect for you. 🫶

How to reboot my brain and body in 15 mins

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Often we say, my brain is too busy and my body is too tired.  So what to do???


We want to connect the brain and body so they are running at the same rate, this can be done in as little as 15minutes, so whats your excuse.

Here are 3 ways to do just that.

1. Go outside,  straight away your senses will be alerted, nature will make you feel grounded , walk around the block,

focusing on breathing from the belly through your nose for 15 minutes


2. Listen to music with your eyes half closed, breathing from the belly through your nose,as you walk around the room slowly at an even pace.


3. Stand up near a window if possible , stretch your arms up in the air while breathing in through your nose ,then as you exhale through your nose, sweep the arms behind your back and link the hands, opening the chest and feeling the space in your heart.

Repeat this up to 5 times .

Do any of these daily for a week and let me know if it helps…..

Why would it work because we are made of organic matter and absorb everything around us, we need time to file away information, to have a clear thinking brain and we need to use our bodies in some way to release tension, toxins ect to help the blood flow and even out the rubbish from the good stuff.


You will forget where you are up to and will take too long to get back into the mood to work.


The brain will be fresh and the body relaxed ,so ideas will flow at a much faster rate,

happiness is activated and negativity will be lifted, you will feel in control of your mind and body.

Being busy and not taking regular breaks, may make you feel like you are accomplishing so much, but really you are going over old ground a lot of the time, making mistakes and overlooking the obvious .

This teaches the brain to stay activated or wired , so the body releases the hormone cortisol because it feels threatened or stressed, the body and mind need to take a break, so allow yourself time to reboot and start this practice today.

You will sleep better, preform better , and be much happier.

Make peace with your mind!

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The sunset drenches the world in amazing colours, the birds grow unusually quiet, it is the time to silence the mind. 

I balance myself on two stools overlooking a tiny valley, the sun is my goddess her beauty is mercerising.

I move my body into the ancient  yoga pose called Trikonasana , I can feel the last rays of sun pierce my open heart, I am filled with gratitude and feel an enormous freedom travel through my spirit.

I make peace with myself, ” I may make mistakes and I am not perfect “, but my intentions are always geniune to do the best I can and treat people they way I would like to be treated.

Within a few precious seconds the greatness of the sun seems ,almost  like it breaks through my physical form to release a feeling of lightness and self forgiveness.

As the last light is absorbed by the earthy hills, a smile grows in my heart and I am at peace ready to shine with the morning sun to be fresh with the first light to be enthusiastic with a new day! The sun is my healer!