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Time to Breathe and Time to feel

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When we take the time to breathe properly and feel that breathe coming in and out of the body we are doing yoga.

We are allowing all the fluids within the body such as the cerebrospinal fluid, blood, digestive juices, ect ect to flow with the breath.

We are recalabrating our energy lines, thats why we will feel calm, clear headed and emotionally stable.

We can see and feel with the body and mind what the actual situation is that we are dealing with right at this moment.

This stops the mind and brain leading us a merry dance with what might happen in the future and what happened in the passed last time or what happened to someone else ect ect.

We learn to look inside the body and mind and see who we are based on what we are feeling at this moment without the distractions of the past and present.

Little bit by little bit we build the bridge to self realisation and start to understand what is best for us and how and what we need to stay happy and balance mentally emotionally and physically.


2nd Chakra- Sacral chakra

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Say hello  to your Sacral Chakra which lies in the centre of the pelvis, this chakra also known as Svahisthana which means “ones own abode-dwelling place”.

It holds a lot of power psychologically and energically, our primal instincts are controlled here. The Sacral chakra holds our passion and creativity.

The element of water is connected to Svahisthana so when this Chakra is balanced it allows us to go with the flow of life and be flexible. We will be adaptable, and able to let go of growth retarding thoughts or memories.

If this Chakra is unbalanced we may feel uncontrolled passions and sexual energies, unable to let go of damaging or harmful thoughts in your memory. A wishy-washy or indecisiveness can be expressed when the  Sacral Chakra is unbalanced.

It is attached to the colour Orange and the Mantra YAM!

Physically it controls reproductive organs/bowel and organs of excretion/sacrum and sacroiliac joint.

Asanas or yoga poses to assist this Chakra are

1.pelvic tilts

2. Bridge or setubandhasana


4. pigeon

You guessed it ….The Forth Chakra

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anahata- heart-chakra-yoga-maroochydore-love-compassion

Anahata or Heart chakra is locate in the area of the heart. The colour green is associated with this Chakra, the areas of the body that Anahata governs are the cardiac region, lungs, arms and hands.

This Chakra is often the focus of most yoga classes as the heart represents love, and without love humans cannot exist.

However when this Chakra is unbalanced we become overly emotional, possessive, jealous, struck in grief or may feel as though the heart has shut down.

When balanced the heart Chakra or energy centre gives us the feeling of fearlessness, devotion, empathy, compassion and unconditional love.

Humans thrive in a loving environment and like all living beings we need love and the vibration love brings into the body and mind. The feeling of love activates endorphins so we feel good, happy and vibrant.

This is most obvious in couples that have just fallen in love, and feelings are intense and powerful. A fresh glow in their faces is usually seen.

The yoga poses that help keep this Chakra open and keep spinning are all arm and hand sequences.

For example circle of joy and eagle arms. All back bends help bring energy to Anahata, such as cobra, camel pose and Wheel pose.

The 5th Chakra is called the throat chakra or Vishuddha.

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The throat Chakra is situated between the cervical (neck) spine and the throat area. When this Chakra is open, we feel a sense of freedom to express ourselves, inner calmness and peace.

When it is unbalanced or blocked, our energy seems scattered , we may lack confidence or feel as though we can’t clear our throat. Sometimes people say, I feel like I have a frog in my throat, an uncomfortable uneasy feeling.

This is when we need to work on opening this particular Chakra.

The colour sky blue is connected to the throat Chakra and the physical areas of the body that are influenced by this chakra are

the Laryngeal nerve plexus, vocal cords, thyroid, parathyroid glands,larynx.

Asanas or poses to help free energy to the throat Chakra are:


3.shoulder stand and head stand pose.

Ready to Create Sauerkraut.

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A couple of easy steps that will have you creating your own fermented foods, whenever your heart so desires.

Place your cabbage in a processor or chop it roughly by hand, you will need a quarter of a cabbage of any colour and type. Once chopped, you can either whizz the cabbage up again so it looks like the above picture or you can leave it in larger chopped pieces- the choice is yours!

Boil 2 cups of water and wash out the jar you plan to use with some of the boiling water. Cool the rest of the water- once cooled, cover your cabbage with the remaining water.

Next, seal the jar with a lid and place it near the window on your kitchen bench. give it a shake or stir everyday. Your Sauerkraut should be ready in about 3 to 4 days. It should smell sour and taste sour too. If any mould grows on it throw it out .

After 3 or 4 days strain the remaining fluid off the cabbage and keep your finished Sauerkraut and the fluid you removed in the fridge.

You can drink the fluid and eat the sauerkraut daily for the same effect as a probiotic- helping your body to build up good gut bacteria, helping you to naturally breakdown food efficiently. If you have not had Sauerkraut before start off with a small amount until your system gets used to it.

Food you SHOULD be eating.

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This week we are talking about Fermented foods and the positive influence they have on our guts. One of my personal favourite fermented foods is Sauerkraut, which directly translates to ‘sour cabbage’, but wait! do not be deterred this finely cut cabbage is actually delicious! WATCH THIS SPACE for my homemade recipe coming to you this week.

In the meantime check out Wellbeing‘s article on belly bacteria & fermented foods at

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