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Say hello  to your Sacral Chakra which lies in the centre of the pelvis, this chakra also known as Svahisthana which means “ones own abode-dwelling place”.

It holds a lot of power psychologically and energically, our primal instincts are controlled here. The Sacral chakra holds our passion and creativity.

The element of water is connected to Svahisthana so when this Chakra is balanced it allows us to go with the flow of life and be flexible. We will be adaptable, and able to let go of growth retarding thoughts or memories.

If this Chakra is unbalanced we may feel uncontrolled passions and sexual energies, unable to let go of damaging or harmful thoughts in your memory. A wishy-washy or indecisiveness can be expressed when the  Sacral Chakra is unbalanced.

It is attached to the colour Orange and the Mantra YAM!

Physically it controls reproductive organs/bowel and organs of excretion/sacrum and sacroiliac joint.

Asanas or yoga poses to assist this Chakra are

1.pelvic tilts

2. Bridge or setubandhasana


4. pigeon

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