Yoga at Alex Beach Pose


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SEPTEMBER  HAS ARRIVED, we are excited to see the sun rising earlier and the sun setting later , more time to enjoy the beauty of the sunshine coast.

Take a walk on the beach , a dip in the ocean  or a yoga class by the setting sun. All these things inspire our minds to stay in the moment and be grateful that such delights are at our doorstep.

Here at YOGA AT ALEX , we are able to see the sun set as we move through our asanas or poses, it is very grounding to be part of the closing of the day and witness  the sun going down and the sky becoming an amazing colourful cloak that covers the world.

Peace is felt in the heart and we are reminded balance in our everyday life is essential.

I hope September is your month to feel at ease and grateful for your life. Namaste


Make the time to find peace!

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In the silence of the morning, just before the sun rises is a time when your thoughts have not yet started to zoom around your brain.

This is the perfect time for meditation and light yoga, so you can start each day fresh with a clear mind and a limber body.

I like to finish each day with the sunset to remind myself to bring closure to events, thoughts and decisions of the day.

I am lucky to see the sunset while my evening yoga class is on and I feel this creates a significant impact on the body and mind connection.

The sunset re enforces the need to let go of the stuff each day brings even though some altercations or actions though the day have made us uncomfortable or angry or fearful.

As humans we are organic and our bodies will absorb peoples words and actions everyday. If you let this build up within you, it creates a stressful environment mentally and physically. We must learn to let go of all events daily, this is why it feels so good to  unwind the body through yoga so the mind follows and both become relaxed and calm.

We are reminded that our wellbeing is of upmost importance and nothing is more vital than health and happiness.

Love yourself and set yourself free through yoga.

Namaste !



Melbourne visit

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While visiting St Kilda I took the chance to share the view and imprint the memory on my brain. So of course sealing it with a pose, that I thought appropriate to the seaside. The eagle  so much more than just a bird, as it glides across the skies it shows strength and power just by its presence. Next time you find yourself in eagle pose or garudasana, take a moment to feel the strength,power and freedom of the eagle.

What is something I can do to open my body up and relieve tension

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Lie on the floor place your hands behind the back of your head and rest your head in the palms of your hands.

Open your hips and let the soles of your feet touch.

This full supine butterfly or Supta Baddha Konasana.

This makes the body feel open through the heart and  open through hips as well as letting the air flow into our armpits, it really is relaxing straight away the mind will sense this space and you can easily let go of a tense situation or long day.

Breathing long deep breathes with the chest open like this, will enable you to relax quickly without feeling like you are forcing it.

If this is not comfortable for you because you have tight hips, place a pillow on the outside of your knees so they can rest on it this will lessen the depth the hips open for you.

Always remember if the body feels relaxed and calm it will allow a deeper release. Once you have had enough, roll on your side hug your knees to your chest in the fetal position, with your chin tucked to your chest and a round back . Stay here for a couple of breaths before you get up and on with what you have to do.


Sexy Summer Skin

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When you first fall in love, you have the WOW! factor, you look amazing and you feel fabulous.

The skin glows and your eyes sparkle, but unfortunately this cannot last forever. So we have to help the body to keep the love up look, below is a few ways of doing so.

Laughter is number 1: The feeling of a good belly laugh releases endorphines these help send wellbeing messages via the central nervous system, to the largest organ of our body which is the skin.

The skin works hard to eliminate toxins and creates a barrier for our internal organs so in return dry brushing in a circular motion towards the heart will help keep pores clean and  skin supple.The lymph system is also effected by the circular dry brushing, this assists the lymphatic system in eliminating excess fluid that causes puffiness, cellulite and that grey unhealthy tinge.

Get some Vitamin D from the sun but don’t get burnt. Spend 15 mins in the sun without sunscreen in the early hours of the morning or  late afternoon to get your dosage of Vitamin D. This will give you a lovely glow as well as warding of lots of diseases like heart disease, diabetes, depression, cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.

Make sure whatever you use on your skin is as natural as possible, nasty chemicals lie hidden in a lot of creams for example some sunscreens  have octyl methoxycinnamate   which has been proven to disrupt brain and thyroid function. Another chemical in sunscreens is oxybenzone which disrupts the endocrine system and creates organ toxicity.

Yoga is a great motivator to all the organs of the body to eliminate toxins through the asanas,  particularly  the twists. As we move through our poses. Yoga creates a pure environment which makes us feel good through chemical release from our glands and the natural source of deep breathing enhances the oxygen levels within the body,  this is a special tool to help make the skin glow.

As we know the skin is a mirror of the gut so lets eat clean from a rainbow of coloured fruits and vegetables which are full of antioxidants especially Vitamin C and A which promotes collagen and aides in repair.

Eat a good source of protein with each meal to keep cell renewal active and zinc levels up.

Drink heaps of  filtered water daily as all the systems of the body require water for function.

Eat sauerkraut which is full of probiotics to allow gut bacteria flourish.

Drink apple cider to stimulate your enzymes to help break down food so you can absorb the nutrients efficiently.

Lastly hug and  love your partners, children and animals, spread the love and feel the love in return.

2nd Chakra- Sacral chakra

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Say hello  to your Sacral Chakra which lies in the centre of the pelvis, this chakra also known as Svahisthana which means “ones own abode-dwelling place”.

It holds a lot of power psychologically and energically, our primal instincts are controlled here. The Sacral chakra holds our passion and creativity.

The element of water is connected to Svahisthana so when this Chakra is balanced it allows us to go with the flow of life and be flexible. We will be adaptable, and able to let go of growth retarding thoughts or memories.

If this Chakra is unbalanced we may feel uncontrolled passions and sexual energies, unable to let go of damaging or harmful thoughts in your memory. A wishy-washy or indecisiveness can be expressed when the  Sacral Chakra is unbalanced.

It is attached to the colour Orange and the Mantra YAM!

Physically it controls reproductive organs/bowel and organs of excretion/sacrum and sacroiliac joint.

Asanas or yoga poses to assist this Chakra are

1.pelvic tilts

2. Bridge or setubandhasana


4. pigeon

You guessed it ….The Forth Chakra

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anahata- heart-chakra-yoga-maroochydore-love-compassion

Anahata or Heart chakra is locate in the area of the heart. The colour green is associated with this Chakra, the areas of the body that Anahata governs are the cardiac region, lungs, arms and hands.

This Chakra is often the focus of most yoga classes as the heart represents love, and without love humans cannot exist.

However when this Chakra is unbalanced we become overly emotional, possessive, jealous, struck in grief or may feel as though the heart has shut down.

When balanced the heart Chakra or energy centre gives us the feeling of fearlessness, devotion, empathy, compassion and unconditional love.

Humans thrive in a loving environment and like all living beings we need love and the vibration love brings into the body and mind. The feeling of love activates endorphins so we feel good, happy and vibrant.

This is most obvious in couples that have just fallen in love, and feelings are intense and powerful. A fresh glow in their faces is usually seen.

The yoga poses that help keep this Chakra open and keep spinning are all arm and hand sequences.

For example circle of joy and eagle arms. All back bends help bring energy to Anahata, such as cobra, camel pose and Wheel pose.