Yoga at Alex Beach Pose

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In the rush of life I want Yoga at Alex to help prepare you for your journey, create that force field of intelligence so body and mind support each other.

    “Like the tree’s root system that grounds and holds the tree strong through damaging winds or unpredictable storms”

During your yoga practise, as we take in the beauty of the Sunshine Coast, you will encounter some blockages or challenges with your body. Using the breath, the mind enters into the body’s energy system to offer you support rather than criticism or repetitive negativity. Learning this technique will allow you to use the mind as a positive support through your everyday encounters.

Whenever family, friends, work colleagues, customers cross our path with negativity we will remain supportive to ourselves keeping a clear mind and a steady breath. Each moment will flow in and out of our lives, helping us to remain happy and centred for our next adventure.

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