Yoga at Alex Beach Pose

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Here we are in March of 2023, I hope you have taken some steps to have time for yourself this year😊.
Time is often mismanaged, this is not an intention it just happens. How can you change this in order to have more time for yourself?

  1. Look over your day and see where you lose a lot of your time
  2. maybe start your day earlier without compromising your 8 hours sleep.
  3. Try to stay more in the moment and not waste time on thinking about things that might happen or things that have already happened and there is no changing them.
    I wish you luck making any changes that brings you more time for yourself and in turn feeling happier in 2023
  4. I am still on my mission to be healthier this year to keep my energy levels high so I can age gracefully and as strongly as I can.
    I feel it is very important to take charge of your own health as you are the one that knows yourself the best. I hope I can inspire you to do this also so you feel you can take on anything that comes your way in 2023.

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