Yoga at Alex Beach Pose

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Positive thinking and flowing movements can help interupt pathways the brain has produced to create pain within the body.

We can change these pathways by focusing on shifting the pain by moving through it with  flowing movements and opening painful areas with the healing breathe. Literally peeling  the layers away.

Once the brain learns the body has pain it sends a signal to that area, sometimes the brain keeps producing this signal even when the injury has healed.

The signal actually gets stronger as the brain gets better and better at producing this signal, this is where positive thinking and focusing on disrupting the signal will eventually stop the pain cycle without using drugs.

Yoga has been praised for helping people mindfully use the breathe to free the body of pain, people  then realise the power of  the brain as its forced to be in the moment where there is no pain and from there bringing control back into their lives.

This can start with a simple positive thought of happiness by smiling to reflect what you want the body to feel helps to make it real.



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