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How to reboot my brain and body in 15 mins

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Often we say, my brain is too busy and my body is too tired.  So what to do???


We want to connect the brain and body so they are running at the same rate, this can be done in as little as 15minutes, so whats your excuse.

Here are 3 ways to do just that.

1. Go outside,  straight away your senses will be alerted, nature will make you feel grounded , walk around the block,

focusing on breathing from the belly through your nose for 15 minutes


2. Listen to music with your eyes half closed, breathing from the belly through your nose,as you walk around the room slowly at an even pace.


3. Stand up near a window if possible , stretch your arms up in the air while breathing in through your nose ,then as you exhale through your nose, sweep the arms behind your back and link the hands, opening the chest and feeling the space in your heart.

Repeat this up to 5 times .

Do any of these daily for a week and let me know if it helps…..

Why would it work because we are made of organic matter and absorb everything around us, we need time to file away information, to have a clear thinking brain and we need to use our bodies in some way to release tension, toxins ect to help the blood flow and even out the rubbish from the good stuff.


You will forget where you are up to and will take too long to get back into the mood to work.


The brain will be fresh and the body relaxed ,so ideas will flow at a much faster rate,

happiness is activated and negativity will be lifted, you will feel in control of your mind and body.

Being busy and not taking regular breaks, may make you feel like you are accomplishing so much, but really you are going over old ground a lot of the time, making mistakes and overlooking the obvious .

This teaches the brain to stay activated or wired , so the body releases the hormone cortisol because it feels threatened or stressed, the body and mind need to take a break, so allow yourself time to reboot and start this practice today.

You will sleep better, preform better , and be much happier.

Time to Breathe and Time to feel

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When we take the time to breathe properly and feel that breathe coming in and out of the body we are doing yoga.

We are allowing all the fluids within the body such as the cerebrospinal fluid, blood, digestive juices, ect ect to flow with the breath.

We are recalabrating our energy lines, thats why we will feel calm, clear headed and emotionally stable.

We can see and feel with the body and mind what the actual situation is that we are dealing with right at this moment.

This stops the mind and brain leading us a merry dance with what might happen in the future and what happened in the passed last time or what happened to someone else ect ect.

We learn to look inside the body and mind and see who we are based on what we are feeling at this moment without the distractions of the past and present.

Little bit by little bit we build the bridge to self realisation and start to understand what is best for us and how and what we need to stay happy and balance mentally emotionally and physically.


Get in the swing!

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This time of year is all about caring for yourself, so lets make us some good clean energy!

Healthy food and moving our bodies will create clean ,healthy energy, this is going to make us feel good.

When we feel good ,we are happy, we are emotionally stable, we are content .

So veggies, salads,get those antioxidents in for glowing skin, shiny hair, proteins to grow new cells of every kind .

A happy body will give you the energy you desire that positive vibe of goodness oozing from your smile!

Of course Im going to say part of feeling good is moving.

Feeling your body moving in a flowing motion accompanied by your amazing breathe, is the final key in unlocking your world of knowlegde about what you need to function at your  most vibrational level.

The path or journey of self realisation is really about loving everything you are, so by following only two rules most of the time

1. Eat healthy and  2. practice yoga. will bring you there.



Open your heart

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Stretching your chest muscles, opens the heart chakra and gives the body a feeling of release and freedom.

By using the arms you can open or close the upper body.

Here are three movements to open your minor and major pectoral muscles.

1. Take your hands behind your back, innerlace the fingers and draw your shoulder blades together, you will feel the chest muscles opening and spreading energy through the front of the body, take some deep exhales.

2. Move your arms one at a time in circles backwards, like you were doing backstroke with a single arm and breathe deeply.

3. Take your right arm and straighten it above your head then bend it at the elbow and drop it down your back, have the  palm of your hand facing to your back and creep the fingers as far as you can get reaching towards the bottom of the shoulder blade.Then take your left hand and reach behind your back and try to link hands ( if you have a gap between the hands use a strap to bridge the gap until this gets easier to do. Once you have the hands holding the strap or your hands linking draw the shoulders open and breathe.

All these stretches done regularly will improve your wellbeing and make you feel happier and less anxious as well as correcting your posture.