Yoga at Alex Beach Pose

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Stretching your chest muscles, opens the heart chakra and gives the body a feeling of release and freedom.

By using the arms you can open or close the upper body.

Here are three movements to open your minor and major pectoral muscles.

1. Take your hands behind your back, innerlace the fingers and draw your shoulder blades together, you will feel the chest muscles opening and spreading energy through the front of the body, take some deep exhales.

2. Move your arms one at a time in circles backwards, like you were doing backstroke with a single arm and breathe deeply.

3. Take your right arm and straighten it above your head then bend it at the elbow and drop it down your back, have the  palm of your hand facing to your back and creep the fingers as far as you can get reaching towards the bottom of the shoulder blade.Then take your left hand and reach behind your back and try to link hands ( if you have a gap between the hands use a strap to bridge the gap until this gets easier to do. Once you have the hands holding the strap or your hands linking draw the shoulders open and breathe.

All these stretches done regularly will improve your wellbeing and make you feel happier and less anxious as well as correcting your posture.


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