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Beating the heat!!

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Its never to early in the year to eat a mango, bring summer into your day, keep cool by eating a fresh, delicious ,cold mango. The mango holds the power to protect the body in many ways with its high levels of vitamin C and vitamin A, protein ,potassium.  So you see the humble mango protects the eyes,helps the body absorb iron,strengthens  the skin structure , boosts immunity and is a low GI  food as well as being sweet and yummy!

The Third Chakra-Manipura

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The Third Chakra lies in the area between  the abdomen and the lumbar spine. It is known as the fire Chakra it projects energy and vitality through the body and mind.

The third chakra is also know as Manipura meaning ‘city of jewels’, Manipura is the meeting place for the upward moving prana(energy) and the downward moving prana because it sits in the centre of the body.

If our Manipura is active and open we will have a feeling of inner strength,determination , enthusiasm and our inner warrior will feel alive.

If it is unbalanced we will have a feeling of weakness, lack of self control, victim conscious, easily controlled by others.

This chakra controls the solar plexus , adrenal glands, digestive organs, lower back and abdomen.

Asanas or poses to awaken the third Chakra are

1. bow pose


3. fire in the belly series

4.boat poses

5.supine twist

Food you SHOULD be eating.

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This week we are talking about Fermented foods and the positive influence they have on our guts. One of my personal favourite fermented foods is Sauerkraut, which directly translates to ‘sour cabbage’, but wait! do not be deterred this finely cut cabbage is actually delicious! WATCH THIS SPACE for my homemade recipe coming to you this week.

In the meantime check out Wellbeing‘s article on belly bacteria & fermented foods at

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