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Get in the swing!

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This time of year is all about caring for yourself, so lets make us some good clean energy!

Healthy food and moving our bodies will create clean ,healthy energy, this is going to make us feel good.

When we feel good ,we are happy, we are emotionally stable, we are content .

So veggies, salads,get those antioxidents in for glowing skin, shiny hair, proteins to grow new cells of every kind .

A happy body will give you the energy you desire that positive vibe of goodness oozing from your smile!

Of course Im going to say part of feeling good is moving.

Feeling your body moving in a flowing motion accompanied by your amazing breathe, is the final key in unlocking your world of knowlegde about what you need to function at your  most vibrational level.

The path or journey of self realisation is really about loving everything you are, so by following only two rules most of the time

1. Eat healthy and  2. practice yoga. will bring you there.



Why wait for the pill?

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Big news anti ageing pill soon to be available for human consumption. There is a lot of buzz around the develop of a pill which Professor Sinclair of the University of NSW has been working on. Boasting now about the effective results in just one week on old mice. In short the result is a 60 year old person can become as youthful as a 20 year old by taking this pill which would eradicate all ageing and age related illnesses. The pill is  called NAD which stands for Nicotinamide mono-nucleotide, it works by improving the communication between the cells. We all produce this chemical naturally but by age 70 it looses 50% of its effectiveness.

But Professor Sinclair has stated by eating healthy with low calories daily and exercising our natural levels of NAD go up. Thats why we look better and feel better, when we are follow these guidelines.

So why wait for this pill which will probably be too expensive for the average person to buy and like all drugs will probably have some sort of side effects.

Lets just do what we know works and has now been proven by the great Sinclair and team of scientist, eating healthy, exercising and fitting that weekly yoga class, is keeping you younger in many ways. Lets be smart and take a step ourselves instead of the quick fix pills because honestly where is the satisfaction in that..

Beating the heat!!

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Its never to early in the year to eat a mango, bring summer into your day, keep cool by eating a fresh, delicious ,cold mango. The mango holds the power to protect the body in many ways with its high levels of vitamin C and vitamin A, protein ,potassium.  So you see the humble mango protects the eyes,helps the body absorb iron,strengthens  the skin structure , boosts immunity and is a low GI  food as well as being sweet and yummy!

Sexy Summer Skin

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When you first fall in love, you have the WOW! factor, you look amazing and you feel fabulous.

The skin glows and your eyes sparkle, but unfortunately this cannot last forever. So we have to help the body to keep the love up look, below is a few ways of doing so.

Laughter is number 1: The feeling of a good belly laugh releases endorphines these help send wellbeing messages via the central nervous system, to the largest organ of our body which is the skin.

The skin works hard to eliminate toxins and creates a barrier for our internal organs so in return dry brushing in a circular motion towards the heart will help keep pores clean and  skin supple.The lymph system is also effected by the circular dry brushing, this assists the lymphatic system in eliminating excess fluid that causes puffiness, cellulite and that grey unhealthy tinge.

Get some Vitamin D from the sun but don’t get burnt. Spend 15 mins in the sun without sunscreen in the early hours of the morning or  late afternoon to get your dosage of Vitamin D. This will give you a lovely glow as well as warding of lots of diseases like heart disease, diabetes, depression, cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.

Make sure whatever you use on your skin is as natural as possible, nasty chemicals lie hidden in a lot of creams for example some sunscreens  have octyl methoxycinnamate   which has been proven to disrupt brain and thyroid function. Another chemical in sunscreens is oxybenzone which disrupts the endocrine system and creates organ toxicity.

Yoga is a great motivator to all the organs of the body to eliminate toxins through the asanas,  particularly  the twists. As we move through our poses. Yoga creates a pure environment which makes us feel good through chemical release from our glands and the natural source of deep breathing enhances the oxygen levels within the body,  this is a special tool to help make the skin glow.

As we know the skin is a mirror of the gut so lets eat clean from a rainbow of coloured fruits and vegetables which are full of antioxidants especially Vitamin C and A which promotes collagen and aides in repair.

Eat a good source of protein with each meal to keep cell renewal active and zinc levels up.

Drink heaps of  filtered water daily as all the systems of the body require water for function.

Eat sauerkraut which is full of probiotics to allow gut bacteria flourish.

Drink apple cider to stimulate your enzymes to help break down food so you can absorb the nutrients efficiently.

Lastly hug and  love your partners, children and animals, spread the love and feel the love in return.

Ready to Create Sauerkraut.

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A couple of easy steps that will have you creating your own fermented foods, whenever your heart so desires.

Place your cabbage in a processor or chop it roughly by hand, you will need a quarter of a cabbage of any colour and type. Once chopped, you can either whizz the cabbage up again so it looks like the above picture or you can leave it in larger chopped pieces- the choice is yours!

Boil 2 cups of water and wash out the jar you plan to use with some of the boiling water. Cool the rest of the water- once cooled, cover your cabbage with the remaining water.

Next, seal the jar with a lid and place it near the window on your kitchen bench. give it a shake or stir everyday. Your Sauerkraut should be ready in about 3 to 4 days. It should smell sour and taste sour too. If any mould grows on it throw it out .

After 3 or 4 days strain the remaining fluid off the cabbage and keep your finished Sauerkraut and the fluid you removed in the fridge.

You can drink the fluid and eat the sauerkraut daily for the same effect as a probiotic- helping your body to build up good gut bacteria, helping you to naturally breakdown food efficiently. If you have not had Sauerkraut before start off with a small amount until your system gets used to it.

Addicted to Peanut Butter……Guilty.

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My new treat is homemade peanut butter on oat bread. You’ll need organic roasted peanuts – Flannery’s Natural Organic Food Store sell these in bulk! Peanuts are actually a legume and are full of protein. They are high in Folate for strong bones, help prevent cancer and heart disease and have loads of Vitamin E- and next to grapes, peanuts are the highest in resveratrol. Roasting the peanuts increases the antioxidant content and we can also rave about the high phytosterol level which promotes healthy cholesterol. I make my peanut butter in my Omniblend and add extra virgin olive oil and Himalayan salt until the consistency is like the picture above. I say Peanut Butter is now a guilt free treat, so enjoy!


Food you SHOULD be eating.

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This week we are talking about Fermented foods and the positive influence they have on our guts. One of my personal favourite fermented foods is Sauerkraut, which directly translates to ‘sour cabbage’, but wait! do not be deterred this finely cut cabbage is actually delicious! WATCH THIS SPACE for my homemade recipe coming to you this week.

In the meantime check out Wellbeing‘s article on belly bacteria & fermented foods at

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