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If only we possessed the same energy as the moon, we would hold such power in the palm of our hand.

When the moon is full it seems to float in the sky, it seems it draws our attention and makes it quite hard to look away. It holds a cool female energy unlike the heat of the sun which is definitely male.

It effects the tides of the ocean and the rotation of the earth, just by existing, without the moon earth and human life as we know it cannot exist.

So of course this moon energy is the same energy in which we are made up of, this is why we are effected by the

different stages of the moon. Our power source is not as great as the moon but it is definitely the same.

We need to take note of our energy levels within ourselves, this is where yoga comes in, yoga is the method we use to keep our energy levels in harmony.

When we move the body in a flowing sequence using the power of the breath we are massaging internally, while opening all the channels that flow through the body.

These channels are much like the veins of the body except their job is sending energy  where its need for each activity or organ function.

When one channel becomes blocked it can effect your whole wellbeing.

To prevent this from happening we must let go of all negative energy which does not serve us in anyway, so as the sun sets and the day closes we empty this baggage.

Then as the sun rises for the new day we have room to absorb good energy through yoga and breathing sequences to power up our body and mind.

The moon may not be as bright as the sun but it is definitely at least two and half times more powerful than the sun.

So next time you are feeling a bit stuck or out of sorts let the moon help open your energy centres and free your spirit. Lets bask in the light of the moon.



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