Yoga at Alex Beach Pose

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  Introducing Ruby the new addition to Yoga at Alex, she is just as enthusiastic about Yoga as I am. She is on the mat ready to go,without any encouragement.

Animals have a strong instinct to stretch and keep their bodies supple and strong. Animals will stretch each time they get up from lying down which is perhaps exactly what we humans need to do.

Downward dog pose is Ruby’s favourite stretch and I can easily see how beneficial it is to the spine, muscles and it shows a definite mental release.

She smiles while she stretches which is quite obvious and makes the pose contagious, as with any yoga pose there is a certain release  and a smile will appear if not on the lips ,it is certainly in the heart.

Yoga helps us rejoice in the small things life has to offer, which in my opinion is the doorway to a happy life.

So Enjoy your downward dog and feel lucky to be able to feel the magic of yoga!


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