Yoga at Alex Beach Pose

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What do I think of when Winter Hits💨, cool winds and a chill in the air.
I want cosiness , I want warm soups and a little more heat or spice to my yoga practice 🔥

I always say life requires a little more effort in Winter.
We have to wear more clothes, so it takes longer to get ready.
More cooked foods , so it takes longer to prepare our meals.
Less hours in the day to get our daily dose of vitamin D from the suns energy.
But !! …… here in Queensland, Winter means the most beautiful coloured sunrises and sunsets.
Chrisp air produces clear colourful skies and good clean swell in the ocean 🏄.
My yoga practice helps keep my body moving even in the coolest of days and for that I am most grateful 🧡


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