Yoga at Alex Beach Pose

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We ask questions today-why? What? How?

Why should I practice yoga?

What is Yoga going to do for ME?

How is yoga going to make my life better?

Your Life can be a reflection of your yoga practice, it will never be perfert BUT you will become stronger and committed to growth.

Yoga Practice will help you clean that slate each day, so the next day and the next day are fresh , exciting and you want to be part of this amazing world.

Yoga is not an exercise it is a healing tool, the human body and brain feed off each other. Yoga poses are designed to light up the areas of the brain to release, tightness , chemicals in the form of hormones and the emotional restraints, that we place on ourselves subconsciously as we work or live in a stressful environment .

We as humans were never designed to endure stress for long periods of time .

We do short bursts of stress well, as long as we release that daily but if we carry this stress from one day to the next, the body will shut down mentally or physically and then eventually both .

Yoga will teach you body awareness, which lets you see that , each thing you do to your body effects your mind.

Make time for your Yoga Practice this year, let yoga revele what you really want for yourself emotionally and mentally in 2019.




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