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Anzac Day 2015

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Today we try to remember the pain war brought to soldiers who have or are fighting, men and women who suffered because of war. How as humans these soldiers saw death everyday, people bloodied and wounded and not knowing if they would be next.

I can’t help but think if these courageous men thought they had been forgotten, as the war went on day after day not having the communication we have today.

One day would have seemed like a week, in trenches they fought, in trenches they slept, cold, wet, hungry and bloodied.

Each sunrise a blessing that they lived another day. As the sun rose this morning,  it shone into the hearts of the crowds on the beach, for each one of us we know how lucky we are to have freedom and peace.

We live in a very lucky country  we call Australia .

As  yoga Instructor, I know in my heart, people who experience trauma  will benefit greatly from yoga and mediation.

It creates a safe environment to draw the mind and the body away from recreating passed events or simply feeling lost or isolated by reminding them that the present moment is the healthiest option for them.

As humans we do much of our activities through learnt behave using our memories, so when we experience trauma, the mind often plays these scenes over and over.

By learning to stop the pattern of returning to traumatic scenes is a start for most people. giving them some control over their lives.

Yoga and meditation  through the breath helps the body teach the mind to relax and take time to feel that everything is ok at this moment then the next moment will not seem so bad.