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Have An Excellent Easter

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Having family around for Easter is the best, so glide into your Easter Weekend with smiles and gratitude.


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Its the time of Year for new growth, warm sunny days and smiley faces, we should be amazed at Natures burst of energy and feel the fresh vibe. So get rid of those winter layers and feel free to show the world the amazing YOU!


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SEPTEMBER  HAS ARRIVED, we are excited to see the sun rising earlier and the sun setting later , more time to enjoy the beauty of the sunshine coast.

Take a walk on the beach , a dip in the ocean  or a yoga class by the setting sun. All these things inspire our minds to stay in the moment and be grateful that such delights are at our doorstep.

Here at YOGA AT ALEX , we are able to see the sun set as we move through our asanas or poses, it is very grounding to be part of the closing of the day and witness  the sun going down and the sky becoming an amazing colourful cloak that covers the world.

Peace is felt in the heart and we are reminded balance in our everyday life is essential.

I hope September is your month to feel at ease and grateful for your life. Namaste