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Make the time to find peace!

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In the silence of the morning, just before the sun rises is a time when your thoughts have not yet started to zoom around your brain.

This is the perfect time for meditation and light yoga, so you can start each day fresh with a clear mind and a limber body.

I like to finish each day with the sunset to remind myself to bring closure to events, thoughts and decisions of the day.

I am lucky to see the sunset while my evening yoga class is on and I feel this creates a significant impact on the body and mind connection.

The sunset re enforces the need to let go of the stuff each day brings even though some altercations or actions though the day have made us uncomfortable or angry or fearful.

As humans we are organic and our bodies will absorb peoples words and actions everyday. If you let this build up within you, it creates a stressful environment mentally and physically. We must learn to let go of all events daily, this is why it feels so good to  unwind the body through yoga so the mind follows and both become relaxed and calm.

We are reminded that our wellbeing is of upmost importance and nothing is more vital than health and happiness.

Love yourself and set yourself free through yoga.

Namaste !



Its time to get to know the 6th chakra!

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Ajna or spiritual eye chakra is centred between the eyebrows like a third eye, this is the chakra linked to our intuition.

When  his chakra is balanced we will hold strong sense of will power, concentration, memory and spiritual connection.

When we focus on the third eye we visualise the colour purple surrounded by blue blending outline this spills through to a  violet haze.

Ajna means command centre, so when we meditate, the inner gaze draws us through the spiritual eye to the space within the physical  body. This stimulates our awareness to a higher plane, increases grey matter within the brain as well as flooding the body with emotional wellbeing.

Physical areas influenced by this chakra are :Frontal lobe of the brain and eyes.

The mantra attached to Ajna is the sound Aum.

This chakra can be activated by

1. Focusing on the third eye while performing pranayama (breathing yogic breath).

1a. Nadi Shodana (alternative nostril breathing) or breathe retention and bandhas .

2. Headstand or (Shirsasana)

Usually a yoga class will bring us to the point of the third eye and it is just a matter of letting go and taking that journey through to that a higher plane,where the mind is truly rested and the body  feels replenished.

My words for what it feels like to enter this state, is we feel so relaxed, nothing else matters or is needed,  a whirling energy fills our entire existence and we feel FREE!


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