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Happy New Year đź’«

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Yoga Classes Resume January 17th for 2023.
Let’s make it a great year, adopt yoga to help you bring simplicity back into your life. Let yoga guide and inspire you to have the life that is perfect for you. 🫶

Sexy Summer Skin

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When you first fall in love, you have the WOW! factor, you look amazing and you feel fabulous.

The skin glows and your eyes sparkle, but unfortunately this cannot last forever. So we have to help the body to keep the love up look, below is a few ways of doing so.

Laughter is number 1: The feeling of a good belly laugh releases endorphines these help send wellbeing messages via the central nervous system, to the largest organ of our body which is the skin.

The skin works hard to eliminate toxins and creates a barrier for our internal organs so in return dry brushing in a circular motion towards the heart will help keep pores clean and  skin supple.The lymph system is also effected by the circular dry brushing, this assists the lymphatic system in eliminating excess fluid that causes puffiness, cellulite and that grey unhealthy tinge.

Get some Vitamin D from the sun but don’t get burnt. Spend 15 mins in the sun without sunscreen in the early hours of the morning or  late afternoon to get your dosage of Vitamin D. This will give you a lovely glow as well as warding of lots of diseases like heart disease, diabetes, depression, cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.

Make sure whatever you use on your skin is as natural as possible, nasty chemicals lie hidden in a lot of creams for example some sunscreens  have octyl methoxycinnamate   which has been proven to disrupt brain and thyroid function. Another chemical in sunscreens is oxybenzone which disrupts the endocrine system and creates organ toxicity.

Yoga is a great motivator to all the organs of the body to eliminate toxins through the asanas,  particularly  the twists. As we move through our poses. Yoga creates a pure environment which makes us feel good through chemical release from our glands and the natural source of deep breathing enhances the oxygen levels within the body,  this is a special tool to help make the skin glow.

As we know the skin is a mirror of the gut so lets eat clean from a rainbow of coloured fruits and vegetables which are full of antioxidants especially Vitamin C and A which promotes collagen and aides in repair.

Eat a good source of protein with each meal to keep cell renewal active and zinc levels up.

Drink heaps of  filtered water daily as all the systems of the body require water for function.

Eat sauerkraut which is full of probiotics to allow gut bacteria flourish.

Drink apple cider to stimulate your enzymes to help break down food so you can absorb the nutrients efficiently.

Lastly hug and  love your partners, children and animals, spread the love and feel the love in return.

Open Your Eyes !

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When you take the time to step away from your computer screen or phone or Television set, you have a chance to invest in your health and wellbeing.

Three things you can do to alleviate stress or pressure from home and work :

1. Remove your shoes and walk through the sand or grass, feel the texture against your skin, let your mind wander into connection between the softness ,graininess,coolness or heat that you can feel.

2. Sit on a hill, over looking a valley, or sit a fence or wall over looking the water, anywhere there is height ,so you can feel the power of the universe as you observe its beauty. Feel the breeze on your face as you place your hand on your heart to let the beat echo through the palm of your hand.

3. Lie down on the floor, feel the hardness under your body, then travel through your body start at your head and soften or relax each body part, this brings complete awareness into just how much tension we are carrying around in our bodies each day. As you move on to each area of the body take a deep breath using your nose , exhale just as much air as you inhale slowly.


All these things are simple but can help rewire your brain bringing you into the moment, helping to reverse tension, stress and the  nagging voice in your head that create scenarios to overwhelm and depress you. Do one or more daily of these activities, this will indeed help you see with fresh eyes the beautiful world in which we live and help revitalise your passion for living.

You guessed it ….The Forth Chakra

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anahata- heart-chakra-yoga-maroochydore-love-compassion

Anahata or Heart chakra is locate in the area of the heart. The colour green is associated with this Chakra, the areas of the body that Anahata governs are the cardiac region, lungs, arms and hands.

This Chakra is often the focus of most yoga classes as the heart represents love, and without love humans cannot exist.

However when this Chakra is unbalanced we become overly emotional, possessive, jealous, struck in grief or may feel as though the heart has shut down.

When balanced the heart Chakra or energy centre gives us the feeling of fearlessness, devotion, empathy, compassion and unconditional love.

Humans thrive in a loving environment and like all living beings we need love and the vibration love brings into the body and mind. The feeling of love activates endorphins so we feel good, happy and vibrant.

This is most obvious in couples that have just fallen in love, and feelings are intense and powerful. A fresh glow in their faces is usually seen.

The yoga poses that help keep this Chakra open and keep spinning are all arm and hand sequences.

For example circle of joy and eagle arms. All back bends help bring energy to Anahata, such as cobra, camel pose and Wheel pose.