Yoga at Alex Beach Pose

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Well my fellow Yogi’s, Winter is behind us and Spring is knocking at our door, I can hear the blinds rolling up and the shutters being flung open.

The warmth is in the air and we want to start moving a little more than in Winter. With less than 15 weeks until the end of the year its a great motivator to clean out the mind and the body.

The simple practice of routine can make this an easier decision, book yourself in to attend your yoga class and always without a doubt everything else will fall into place.

When the body is closed to our energy sources our minds flitter backwards and forwards, we make poor decisions based on the what ifs!! and end up  cramming too much into our lives.

We are just existing in a busy world, and running with each demand instead of step back and looking at the situation with a clear mind and an energised body.

Lets cross the bridge today and promise ourselves the simple life, let go of the over doing and move into the simple approach.

Come to your yoga class to STOP, RECALIBRATE and REMIND ourselves the best place for us to be is in the MOMENT, then each moment after that will be an easier decision.

Controlling the useless mind chatter of scenarios , will allow us to simply make the best decision in any situation, and this makes for a simple life.

We may not be able to control the demands placed on us but we can control our attitude to making decisions about the demands.


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