Yoga at Alex Beach Pose

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While travelling in my car, I heard a funny comment on the radio….. this is how it went. In winter bears hibernate, eating and sleeping with no activity. This is so they can put a layer of fat on to keep warm and sleep for the entire Winter.

Then the radio announcer went on to say but humans are not suppose to hibernate during Winter, eating ,lying on the couch, watching reruns of movies in our Pyjamas.

To me this does sound cosy especially when we have had our first snap of chilly weather, but honestly the best sunrises and sunsets are now so make sure your not couch bound and get out there and live.

Your body will thank you for moving and stay in shape to face the unveiling when Summer comes around.

So don’t be a bear and start resembling the shape of a pear!

Keep on moving and a grooving so your mind stays happy and your tum stays trim.

The hardest part is the start of anything so focus on starting a routine and stick to it.

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